About Nampex

Nampex is the representative for the distribution of ARGITAL products for the UK - top quality and unique products - whose components have never been altered by chemical processes and /or preservatives. We offer a full range of all-natural treatments, anthroposophic natural body care, organic food with biodynamic (Organic+) ingredients, to promote general well-being and organically good health, fine products suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people who suffers from various type of allergy, as well as biological and all-natural toiletries for pets.

Our full PDF catalogue is available on line; please click on the button "Product Brochure" that is on the top of the file of each product line to download its brochure


Argital was founded in 1976 with the aim of producing and improving the knowldege of clay-based products and the properties of clay itself.

In a few decades ARGITAL has become a leader in the production of GREEN CLAY-BASED NATURAL COSMETICS.

Besides Green Clay, ARGITAL uses only Natural selected ingredients for its production.

The scents are given by pure essential oils blends.

Our Mission

We believe that is of great importance to implement organic and cruelty-free products into our lives in order to create better health and well-being for the entire planet.

ARGITAL preserves its cosmetics with natural substances like:

- essential oils

- vegetable oils

- alcoholic extracts

- pure spring water

- vegetable glycerin.

Morover ARGITAL gives extreme importance to the control of raw materials, packaging and to the accurate cleaning of machineries and premises.