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Oral Care

Oral Care

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Toothpaste with green clay, pure essential oils and officinal herbs for dental hygiene and health of the entire oral cavity.

A completely innovative idea is the use of non-abrasive green clay gel which, together with other active ingredients, cleanses, tones, strengthens gums and prevents dental cavities.

Argital toothpastes prevent the formation of dental plaque.

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Sage Toothpaste (Demeter)

Cod. 2001 75ml

Tones the gums and ensures complete cleanliness with Green Clay Gel and Sage pure essential oil.

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Mint Toothpaste (Demeter)

Cod. 2002 75ml

Refreshes the mouth with Green Clay Gel and pure essential oil of Mint

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Propolis and Dentie Toothpaste

Cod. 2003 75ml

Whitening and astringent with Eucalyptus globulus carbon, Pepermint pure essential oi and Propolis

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Aromatic Toothpaste

Cod. 2004 75ml

Floral taste and aroma with Green Clay Gel and pure essential oils of Pepermint, Wild Mint, Thyme, Lemon, Clove, Anice, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon

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Omeobital Toothpaste (Demeter)

Cod. 2082 75ml

Compatible with the use of homeopathic remedies with Green Clay Gel, pure Lemon essential oil and Anice oil

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