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Tonic Flowers Frangrances

Green Clay

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Argital Floréal enticing Fragrances purely natural

Argital 100% natural water fragrances contain pure essential oils and pure spring water. Cool to the touch, with a charming floral scent, they can be used as a facial skin tonic, delicate deodorant or a body freshener, which envelops the wearer for hours.

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Neroli Water (bitter orange flower fragrance)

Cod. 3077 125 ml

Delicate sensuality, that invigorates the senses. Facial softener - tones the complexion.

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Rose Water

Cod. 3048 200 ml

An enticing fragrance a sensual symphony with antiseptic and tonic qualities, mantains natural skin balance

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Lavender Water

Cod. 3050 125 ml

A single note perfume, soothes and caresses the skin

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Chamomile Water

Cod. 3076 125 ml

A soothing balm and an excellent skin remedy.

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Rosemary Water

Cod. 3078 125 ml

A unique scent stimulating flow of Chi (life force energy)

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