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Green Clay

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Cleaning and hygiene with respect for the habitat. Using ARGITAL cleaning products with foaming agents deriving from vegetable raw materials, pure essential oils and Green Clay Gel is a natural means toward creating an ecological balance of the environment.

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Biolavo Lemon Dish-Washing Liquid (Piatti)

Cod. 2060 1 L

Natural Anionic Surface-Active Agent - Lemon and Sweet Orange essential oils - Green Clay Gel - Marine Salt - Lactic Acid.

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Biolavo Detergent for Woolens (Lana)

Cod.2061 1 L

Natural Anionic Surface-Active Agents - Mallow extract - Green Clay Gel - Lavender and Pine essential oils - Marine Salt.

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Biolavo Liquid Vegetal Soap for Washing Mashines

Cod. 2104 1 L

Water - Potassium Cocoate

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Biolavo Eucalyptus Washing Machine Detergent

Cod. 2062 2 L

Soap and Natural Anionic Surface-Active Agents - Marine Salt - Green Clay Gel - Viscosity corrector - Eucalyptus essential oil.

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Biolavo Multi-Purpose Detergent

Cod. 2063 1 L

Natural Anionic and Non-Ionic Surface-Active Agents - Althaea, Burdock and Juniper extracts - Green Clay Gel - Natural Sequestrant - Viscosity Corrector - Eucalyptus essential oil.

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Biolavo Detergent for Windows and Glass

Cod. 2085 300 ml

Natural Anionic Surface-Active Agents - Natural Sequestrant - Green Clay Gel - Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus essential oils.

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Biolavo Descaling Detergent (Antical)

Cod. 2088 300 ml

Natural non-ionic Surface-Active Agents - Natural Lactic Acid - Sweet Orange and Peppermint essential oils.

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