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Skin Care Face Line - Eye Health & Beauty

Green Clay

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Purely natural Eye Health & Beauty with no man-made ingredients.

Argital Floral Waters, a completely natural pleasure, a gentle approach, a feeling of freshness and sparkling vitality for tired, puffy or irritated eyes. Contains pure essential oils and pure spring water.

Eyewashes and compresses: Rejuvenating & Healing Effects.

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Chamomile Water

Cod. 3076 125 ml

For tense, strained eyes, a refreshing, cooling treatment. Also a soothing, anti-inflammatory astringent for all skin types.

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Rose Water

Cod. 3048 125 ml

A refreshing and cleansing eye treatment. Also refreshes and promotes suppleness of mature, sensitive, dry or wrinkled skin.

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Lavender Water

Cod. 3050 125 ml

Cool, fresh and comforting

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