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Skin Care Face Line - Nourishing & Moisturizing

Green Clay

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Purely natural Nourishing & Moisturizing with no man-made ingredients.

The Gel of ARGITAL millenary Green Clay, rich in solar energy and natural micro-nutrients for facial beauty is a reply to all skin care needs. In addition, the natural vitamins, pure spring water and essential oils, including Rose e. o., vegetable oils and bees wax, create a universal symphony of well-being in harmony for the joy of facial care.

Dry to Normal Skin

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Nourishing Moisturizing Cream (Idratante Nutriente)

Cod. 3035 50 ml

For face & décolleté. Mallow leaf extract (Demeter) and pure Ylang-Ylang essential oil. Prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles. With Green Clay Gel, pure Jojoba vegetable oil,

Oily and Acne-prone Skin

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Burdock Cream

Cod. 3051 50 ml

For pimples or acne. Contains burdock root extract.

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Composed Water (Acqua Composta) Acne Cleanser Cedar Water

Cod. 2171 125 ml

For pimples, acne and irritated skin, with pure Atlantic Cedar essential oil.

Mature Skin - Anti-wrinkles

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Anti-Wrinkle Oil (antirughe)

Cod. 2051 50 ml

Contains pure oils of Argan and Mosqueta Rosa Rose. Maintains the skin young and elastic preventing wrinkles.

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Anti-Wrinkle Cream (Crema Antirughe)

Cod. 2087 50 ml

Contains natural vitamins “E” & “F”. Rich in precious natural ingredients as Mallow (Demeter) & Rose Hips (Demeter) extracts that restore the skin’s moisture level. The Green Clay Gel also has an anti-ageing action.

The energy of the Rose for the joy of your face

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Rose Cream

Cod. 3037 50 ml

A note of beauty, harmony and love. Balancing anti-ageing and improving skin elasticity. May be used morning and evening and is suitable for all skin types, but in particular for sensitive, delicate, stressed, tired and wrinkled skins.

Skin Lightening Formula

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Bleaching Oil

Cod. 2049 50 ml

Contains pure rose essential oil with Benzoin infusion that exerts a bleaching and normalizing effect on the facial skin. Apply to the area you want to lighten.

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