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ALLERGEN-FREE ARGITAL LINE, is a unique range for sensitive and allergy prone skin as well as a wonderful gift for all those people who love high quality natural cosmetics and especially those whose skin no longer tolerates scents, preservatives, artificial colourings and chemical agents in general.

Argital Allergen-Free line contains: organic Violet extract, Green Clay and Green Clay Gel of marine origin, rich in mineral salts and oligoelements, and only organic and biodynamic ingredients, that make the products of this line extremely delicate and suitable to resolve problem skin.

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Allergen-free Violet oil lotion: a day and night facial protection.

Cod. No. 02091 50ml

Allergen-free Violet oil lotion contains Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, reach in vitamin E. It is a nourishing oil that penetrates the skin easily and creates a protective film over the skin. A day and night facial protection, that can be applied to normal, dry, aging and problem skin as a protective moisturizing coating.
Contains also Chamomilla Recutile Extract well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and calming effect. It can be used either alone or together with Allergen-free Violet cream.

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Allergen-free Violet face cream: for sensitive and particularly delicate facial skin.
No scent formula.

Cod. No. 2172 50ml

Nourishing, moisturizing face cream indicated both as a day and a night cream, rich in soothing with organig plant oils and officinal herbs extracts.
Helps sensivitve combination skin to regain its healthy balance. Regenerates, normalizes and protects facial skin while strenghtening the skin’s immune system.
Reduces skin irritation and protect your skin from outside influences. It has been carefully studied to restore, respect and maintain the nomal physioligical condition of the skin.

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Allergen-free hand cream: protective for happy hands.
A no scent and non greasy formula. No stickiness or residue

Cod. No. 2137 50ml

Suitable for those who have the most sensitive of hands, with soothing organic extracts of Violet, Lavandula Angustifolia, Echinacea Purpurea and Calendula Officinalis. A unique blends of herbs extracts, jojoba oil with marine green clay gel and cocoa butter. Skin that is troubled and irritated can benefit from the healing-properties of the unique blend of this hand cream.

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Allergene-Free Violet cleansing milk: to keep the skin soft and clean for sensitive and particularly delicate facial skin.

Cod. No. 2071 100ml

Morning and night Skin Cleansing Milk that gently removes makeup and impurities to leave sensitive skin silky smooth and lightly hydrated.
Mild enough for sensitive complexions and great for all skin types. Your skin will thank you for this no scent formula. Use gentle action.

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Allergen-free Violet invigorating toner: nourishing, tonifying, antiseptic and respecting the protective acid mantle of the skin.

Cod. No. 2072 100ml

A delicate combination in a handy spray bottle that conditions the skin and allows it to retain more moisture.
To be used after cleasing the face, or as a middle of the day product for a quick refreshing cleanse.
It can be used with all skin types. Gently toning, nourishing, cleansing and slightly astringent.

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Allergen-free Violet exfolliant mask: a marine sundried green clay paste ready for use
for a very delicate facial purifying treatment.

Cod. No. 2070 75ml

One of the oldest natural beauty treatments still employed today. It can be used on any type of skin. Nourishing ingredients
A fine very ancient marine green clay ready for use paste with nourishing ingredients supplying your skin moisture.
A purifying treatment that helps remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Ideal for anyone with sensitive or problem skin or any completion in need of some attention. Massage with light friction, eliminates outer layers of dead skin and leaves the skin refreshed.

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Allergen-free OLIVARGIL: organic olive oil soap with green clay – softening and moisturizing

Cod. No. 2095A 90gr

The oldest of all cleaning products.
A cleansing bar soap formulated with organic olive oil and Argital marine green clay which exercises a gentle cleansing action while respecting the normal physiological condition of the skin. Helpful in removing surface dirt and impurities, keeps the skin clean and soft. No scent. It can be used with all skin types. Particularly indicated for sensitive and allergic prone skin. Deeply moisturizing and nourishing properties.

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Allergen-free Natural Glossy Lip Balm: unscented, with protective and moisturizing qualities and a nice consistency for lip care.

Cod. No. 2075B 10ml

It can be used under and over lipstick, as many lipsticks can be slightly drying. Provides a translucent shine, very protective, tastes good.
Emollient, natural and organic for all skin types, with lots of protective and moisturizing qualities
Helps to condition the lips at night while sleeping and combat all sort of skin problems with the healing properties of the extracts of the following officinal herbs: Viola Tricolor, Rosa Damascena, Echinacea Purpurea, Achillea Millefolium. Can help to soften lines and give a more youthful appearance.
Maintain lip moisture, keeps the lips soft and moist for longer periods of time.


* Allergens of DL 15/02/2005 N.50


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