ARGITAL Green Clay

About Argital:

Argital was born in Milan in 1979 with the aim of studying the properties of green clay for the formulation of natural cosmetics.

In a few decades Argital has become a leader in the production of natural cosmetics based on Green Clay.

Cosmetics made exclusively with certified natural ingredients, without preservatives, without perfumes and other synthetic substances, whose fragrances derive from mixtures of pure Gold * essential oils and infusions of organic and spontaneous Demeter officinal herbs.

* The Gold Essential Oils are the result of research by the Argital laboratory.

The success of Argital is the result of this constant search for quality, which led in 2005 to the relocation of the operational headquarters in Sicily, to a sunny, ventilated and clean place facing the Mediterranean Sea, near the quarry from which the ‘Clay.


Argital products contain:


At the basis of Argital’s work is anthroposophical research, which considers man as a harmonious being made up of body, soul and spirit.

More than 40 collaborators, all fundamental components of a close-knit team, which follows the birth of every single product step by step in the different phases of the work.