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ARGITAL clay of marine origin

ARGITAL GREEN CLAY of marine origin counteracts aging processes. It is purifying, absorbs free radicals, the cause of wrinkles, and elasticizes the skin, making it brighter balanced and toned.

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natural skin care

Argital facial treatment

Argital produces an innovative 100% natural, extremely gentle clay-based cosmetics suitable for resolving dermal atypicalities.

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MAGNESIUM the surprising discovery

A useful support for your well-being MAGNESIUM SUPREME a support for your well-being, contributes to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness, normal functioning of the

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ecological detergents (1)
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Save the planet

EcoNano Green Multipurpose Cleaner ΓΌ very effective and can improve surfaces and fibers and people’s lives starting from the places where people live and work.
EcoNano Green detergents contain no petrolatum, phosafi, phosphonates, optical brighteners, enzymes, preservatives, or antibacterials of non-plant origin.

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