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Eco Nano Green

About Eco Nano Green:

ECO NANO GREEN is a project by Alessandro Torretta, for the production of new generation detergents, composed of vegetable extracts, suitably processed through the cavitation process in order to obtain supramolecules with particular effectiveness in cleaning, improving surfaces and fibers thanks to the maximum functionality of plant extracts able to reach a level of detergency comparable or superior to conventional products.

These are detergent products with high biodegradability, designed to clean and purify environments through nature. to improve people’s lives, starting from the places where they live and work.

These products are totally miscible in water. In just 48 hours it degrades 99% and in less than 20 days there is complete degradation of the products.

Eco Nano Green detergents do not contain petrolatum, phosphates, phosphonates, optical brighteners, enzymes, preservatives, antibacterials of non-vegetable origin.

A broad reality. Able to look at the contemporary world in its entirety, beyond any tailoring and to propose new ideas to improve it. The overall vision is the main quality of the Eco Nano Green proposal aimed and articulated to guarantee the best livability of the environments through the elimination of every polluting, particle, viral, contaminating and electromagnetic element.