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Free shipping in Switzerland: above chf. 30.00
3 samples will be added to each order

Natural Point

About Natural Point:

Natural Point is an Italian company born in Milan over 25 years ago , with the aim of wanting to associate a correct and healthy integration with a correct diet. It was among the first companies to focus attention on integration of vitamins and minerals, especially on the Magnesium as an essential element for the well-being of the organism. The beneficial effects found by the use of Natural Point supplements, in particular Supreme Magnesium, have led to word of mouth and the spread of the concept of quality and effectiveness of the products .

Natural Point works to create supplements that provide an optimal quantity of active ingredients, limiting as much as possible and often eliminating the presence of excipients. to do this we propose, where possible, powder or vegetable capsule supplements .

Natural Point works professionally to leave a positive mark on society and is a source of satisfaction and pride be of help to millions of people .

Natural Point uses only production laboratories GMP and ISO 9001 certified , with BIO certification. The marketing material is printed on FSC paper , which guarantees the responsible management of the forest heritage.


Magnesium is irreplaceable in guaranteeing the functioning of the innumerable cellular processes of our organism. However, despite this crucial role, it is estimated that 7 out of 10 people are deficient in magnesium . In fact, Western lifestyles and diet do not always allow us to reach the daily needs for a healthy adult.

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