nampex sa - naturally bio products

ACT daily for tomorrow avoiding
damaging the possibility
of the 7 future generations.

Our Values

WORK day after day for TO BE a vital point of NATURE, acting in a favorable way for the environment and modeling our behavior to understand its SPIRIT like a potter who shapes clay for his creations.

TO PUT the skills of all the operational parts in the company have a common factor TO OFFER to our customers transparent and reliable advice with an innovative approach that meets their needs.

DO of the harmony that we try to develop in the company LEADER of our business.

TO FOLLOW an eco-sustainable lifestyle to make our way of life more ecological and respectful of ENVIRONMENT.

LIVING THE LIFE perceiving that “we are waves of one sea, leaves and fruit of the same tree and that the earth is one country and humanity its citizens” (from the Baha’i Writings).

To be of the performers of responsible critical consumption.