Green clay - fine powder for face and body 1kg

Green clay powder can be used to prepare firming, deflating and relaxing face and body masks. Keeping the body plastic and youthful. 0ttimo natural scrub.




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    Green Clay, sun-dried and finely ground-for face, body and hair. It is particularly rare because it is of marine origin and is therefore rich in all the elements found in the sea.

    With it you are able to keep your body plastic and young. It is an excellent natural scrub, and firming, deflating and relaxing face and body masks can be prepared with it.

    Mode of use: Clay can be used externally in the form of poultices, footbaths, maniluviums, poultices, and baths for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. It has the ability to purify and drain tissues. Its special feature is plasticity that has an anti-aging and restructuring effect. It is also suitable for a foot bath that relaxes, and regenerates tired and fatigued feet. Applied to hair, it makes it shiny, healthy and thick.

    100% natural comes from the pristine quarries of Sicily.

    Ingredients: Solum Fullonum

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