nampex sa - naturally bio products
In our private and corporate daily life
let's think about how to reduce
our ecological footprint
to be part of the circular economy


This journey begins in 2004 when Walter met Doctor Giuseppe Ferraro of Argital in Milan and discovers the products based on green clay of marine origin developed with passion and professionalism in his laboratory and in his factory and, later, he meets Gabriele Frangi, therapist, reflexology teacher and repository of ancient remedies and great connoisseur of the peculiarities of clay in the field of well-being and health.

Deepening with Terry the harmonious relationship between man and nature, new initiatives and important and environmentally friendly choices were born within the activity of Nampex for the well-being of humans, the planet and the many existing systems of life.

Since then, Walter and Terry have gained awareness and countless experiences and inserted the products distributed in organic shops, drugstores, pharmacies, hospitals, homes for the elderly, therapist offices, naturopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, beauticians, spas, hotels, wellness centers and others ..


Over time, the awareness of the importance of this thought has grown and also the second and third generations of the family of Terry and Walter – confirming that the new generations are much more attentive to sustainability and to the awareness of being able to contribute to safeguarding the environment – they passionately joined the Nampex project looking at new operational horizons and bringing new life, dynamism and topicality but always with the same spirit that has always distinguished Walter and Terry.

The valid collaboration of the collaborators present in the company as well as the business continuity undertaken make Nampex a family that does eco-sustainable business operating with the thought of not harming the health of others and the environment with its business. Nampex is now present throughout Switzerland and in a phase of expansion and growth thanks to new synergies and collaborations of operators active in the sector beyond the Alps.


LISTENING and COLLABORATION they have a central role both within the company and in external relations and represent two constant notes that trace the course of corporate growth.

With renewed vigor, we share the experience of our transformation with our collaborators and employees, always with a view to being eco-sustainable for the well-being of the planet and our customers. This close collaboration created and maintained in our company allows us to respond to the requests of our customers quickly and flexibly.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, go to the specific area of our site “do you want to work with us”, and we will be listening to your proposals.