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In the age of globality Starting from the origin of the whole, we seek to be a vital point for nature.

With the purpose of acting in a pro-environmental way, we try, in our daily lives, to be a vital point of NATURE; and united in our intentions and feelings, we travel, with other organic operators, our Partners, our Suppliers and our Customers, the path of the organic world merging together like the waves of a single sea.

Espace Reniassance Morges

MyoNat – Aigle

Le Sureau Crissier

Aestheticians Association of Italian Switzerland

Swiss sports magazine, where you can find current sports issues, presentations of sports and other activities. Where sport unites athletes in effort, from any background, social level, opinions or beliefs. Where he is cited as an example in matters of tolerance and solidarity.

Not to be outdone, Bio cosmetics and natural products for everyone’s well-being are presented.

From Sardinia, Organic Cosmetics for Your Well-Being
HerbSardinia® is the first company in Sardinia to produce cosmetics of the highest quality that are certified organic (AIAB), made with natural methods and through a very careful selection of the components of which the most authentic fragrances and essences of the Mediterranean Macchia.

Offers integrated services in health logistics, and with them Argital and Natural Point products are distributed to pharmacies

Born in Milan in 1979 and in a few years became a world leader in the production of Natural Cosmetics based on Clay and brought to the world and to Switzerland since 2004 a new concept of aesthetics in harmony with the essence of life.

At the 2019 Sana in Bologna, Eco Nano -Green multipurpose cleaner was voted best product in the Green Lifestyle category. Eco Nano Green Project develops next-generation biodegradable detergents with special cleaning efficacy.

We bring wellness and health with them to our customers, and with Natural Point’s Magnesium Supremo we bring the Top20 most purchased supplements. Gluten- and lactose-free, sugar-free, GMO- and allergen-free; Vegan.