nampex sa - naturally bio products
About Us

A Swiss company, full of enthusiasm
which has been distributing, for over 16 years, organic, biodynamic eco-sustainable products,
100% natural, vegan ok,
and cruelty-free. is the portal of the company NAMPEX SA., Where people can find and discover a wide range of natural products and eco-bio-cosmetics with anthroposophical character, 100% natural, without preservatives, VEGAN OK, CRUELTY FREE, formulated in harmony with the different forms of life existing on earth.

Since 2004, becoming the concessionaire for the distribution of Argital products for Switzerland, Nampex has directed its business towards a new horizon, THE GREEN JOURNEY TO WELLNESS,and made the decision to bring to its customers the best of Mother Nature’s fruits by distributing unique products that, during their preparation, have not been altered by chemical processes, have not caused any harm to nature and will not cause any harm in their use. neither to the people who will use them nor to our planet.