MAGNESIO SUPREMO - Magnesium 300 gr

MAGNESIO SUPREMO - Magnesium 300 gr

Magnesio Supremo® is a highly soluble food supplement with a high absorption rate.

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Today it is possible to respond with organic products, 100% natural, to the needs of people active in the sports field by drawing on the active ingredients of mother nature, both in preparation and in post-competition needs.

MAGNESIUM has a relaxing and calming action, attenuating the excitability of the nerves and muscles, proving to be effective in relieving cramps and relaxing tensions.

It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and actively participates in increasing the energy reserves that can be used by our body, helping athletes to better manage physical stress in case of strong heat or excessive cold, when an adaptation of the cardio-vascular system to effort is required. course. The sportsman, both amateur and competitive, to increase his performance and physical recovery, needs to integrate this precious mineral.

MAGNESIUM is used during sports for:

  • improve performance,
  • increase energy production,
  • increase resistance to effort,
  • optimize muscle activity,
  • regulate muscle contraction,
  • improve motor coordination,
  • decrease the production of lactic acid,
  • avoid neuro-muscular cramps,
  • reduce the pain threshold from fatigue,
  • coordinate the body’s thermo-regulation.

Magnesio Supremo® is a food supplement that provides highly soluble organic magnesium citrate with a high absorption rate.


  • Original formula
  • Magnesium carbonate of marine origin
  • Citric acid of vegetable origin
  • Mixture in water with a high content of organic magnesium with a high absorption rate
  • Easily dosable and versatile powder
  • 10 million packages purchased in the last 10 years
  • Top20 of the most purchased supplements
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Sugar, GMO and allergen free
  • Vegan

Magnesio Supremo, Natural Point’s original formula, is an exclusive blend developed in a dedicated production line, consisting of citric acid of vegetable origin and magnesium carbonate of marine origin. The mixture in water is transformed into a solution with a high content of magnesium citrate, a highly soluble organic salt with a high absorption rate.

  • Magnesium is the second most present mineral within our cells after potassium.
  • It maintains regular energy metabolism and the functionality of the nervous system, which is why it is essential for the body.
  • It is involved in over 300 enzymatic activities (elements that accelerate biochemical reactions within our organism).
  • It is part of the balance mechanisms of minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium.